Friday, 19 October 2012

Bruce Lee Quotes

martial Arts King

  • A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer.

  • A goal is not always meant to be reached, it often serves simply as something to aim at. 

  • If you always put limit on everything you do, physical or anything else. It will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.

  • Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them. 

  • I'm not in this world to live up to your expectations and you're not in this world to live up to mine. 

  • If you spend too much time thinking about a thing, you'll never get it done. 

  • Real living is living for others. 

  • The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering.

  • Take things as they are. Punch when you have to punch. Kick when you have to kick. 

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