Friday, 2 September 2011

Excel Short Cuts

Control Keys:
  • CTRL+1 - Displays the Format Cells dialog box.
  • CTRL+2 - Applies or removes bold formatting.
  • CTRL+3 - Applies or removes italic formatting.
  • CTRL+4 - Applies or removes underlining.
  • CTRL+5 - Applies or removes strikethrough.
  • CTRL+8 - Displays or hides the outline symbols.
  • CTRL+9 - Hides the selected rows.
  • CTRL+0 - Hides the selected columns.

Control & Shift Keys:
  • CTRL+SHIFT+(   - Unhides any hidden rows within the selection.
  • CTRL+SHIFT+)   - Unhides any hidden columns within the selection.
  • CTRL+SHIFT+& - Applies the outline border to the selected cells.
  • CTRL+SHIFT_    - Removes the outline border from the selected cells.
  • CTRL+SHIFT+~  - Applies the General number format.
  • CTRL+SHIFT+% - Applies the Percentage format with no decimal places.
  • CTRL+SHIFT+^  - Applies the Exponential number format with two decimal places.

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